Insulation Boards & Cylinders

We vacuum form machinable boards and cylinders for applications up to 2200 Celsius in alumina and zirconia chemistries.

Zirconia Materials

Alumina & Other Rigid Materials

Custom Machined

Zirconia Rigid Materials – Insulating Boards & Cylinders

ZYFB & FBD Zirconia Ceramic Fiber Boards and Cylinders

Choose between 30 lb/ft3, 60 lb/ft3 or our strongest 90 lb/ft3 versions of our zirconia bonded yttria stabilized zirconia fiber boards and cylinders that are easily machined with up to 2200 °C use limit in air. Our zirconia boards and cylinders can also be surface treated with ZR-RIG for a nearly dust free product.

ZYZ Zirconia Ceramic Fiber Boards

Offered in 30 lb/ft3 and 60 lb/ft3, our silica bonded yttria stabilized zirconia fiber board is easily machined and has a 1650 oC use limit in air. Our ZYZ boards can also be surface treated with ZR-RIG for a nearly dust free product.

ZYC Zirconia Ceramic Fiber Cylinders

The cylindrical version of ZYZ-3, 30 lb/ft3, silica bonded, yttria stabilized zirconia fiber insulation that is easily machined with a 1650 oC use limit in air. Our ZYC cylinders can also be surface treated with ZR-RIG for a nearly dust free product.

Buster Alumina Ceramic Fiber Boards & Cylinders

Choose from several densities and two different binders, alumina or silica, that are all easily machined with use limits in air of 1600 oC, 1700 oC or 1800 oC depending on the board or cylinder type selected.

Buster CXV

This is a non fibrous calcium silicate material. It is an ideal choice for custom machined parts with a temperature rating up to 1100 °C.

Buster RS

Is an alumina fiber reinforced composite material with thermal, structural, and electrically resistive properties. Ideal for custom machined parts where these properties are necessary.


 Are high purity, ceria bonded, ceria fiber boards which can be produced in bulk densities ranging from 45 to 120 pounds per cubic foot.

CeP Ceria Pellets

Fibrous ceria pellets can withstand temperatures to 2500 °C. Ceria pellets were developed for research use as a thermochemical reaction medium for generating syngas or methane from H2O and CO2.

Buster HS

High temperature ceramic fiber board with high green strength.  Available in sizes up to 42"x 48".
Thicknesses up to 2".

Quality Policy

Zircar Zirconia, Inc. is committed to delivering goods and services, that meet or exceed customer expectations, on time, to generate a profit. 
We comply with regulatory, statutory, and ISO 9001:2015 requirements.  We promote a safe and positive working environment for our employees.

If you are interested in any of our products and would like more information please contact us.

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