Lab Furnace Accessories

 Shelf System

Calibration Rings

Setter Plates

Setter Spatula


Heating Elements

Element Holders

Element Straps

Hot Face Insulation

Sintering Trays and Zirconia Sintering Beads

Sintering Trays… Low Mass & High Density Options… Support Media…
Essentials for the dental lab.

Hard Cast Heaters

Ceramic Heater Plates
Heaters offer 1100 °C operating temperature, up to 2500 w/ft²

The six Hard Cast Heaters used to power this 30” wide x 18” tall x 36” deep front loaded box furnace, are of the embedded wire type. The 480 V three phase HCH set delivers 60 KW of power, an average of 2500 watts per square foot. This 11.25 cubic foot production furnace is fired to 1100 °C two to three times a week. The roof and wall heaters are set up to radiate directly into the furnace chamber. The two heaters on the floor are oriented to radiate into a space below the heater. The roof is suspended by refractory hangers which are supported on the outside roof structure.

Quality Policy

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We comply with regulatory, statutory, and ISO 9001:2015 requirements.  We promote a safe and positive working environment for our employees.

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