ZYZ – Silica Bonded Zirconia Boards

Silica Bonded Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Fiber Insulation

Low Heat Capacity… High Thermal Shock Resistance…
Silica bonded yttria stabilized zirconium oxide fibrous ceramic insulation rated to 1650 °C.

Product Information

Zircar Zirconium Oxide Boards Type ZYZ are rigid, refractory structures composed of yttria stabilized zirconia fibers that are bonded with silica. This unique composition provides ZYZ insulation with the low thermal conductivity of zirconia fibers combined with the strength and machinability of a silica bonded material.  ZYZ is evenly bonded, allowing it to be machined to tight tolerances and intricate shapes. ZYZ has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than our ZYFB materials.  ZYZ is manufactured with our own unique Zircar ZYBF Bulk Fibers which are made using the original ZIRCAR Process at our plant in Florida, NY, USA.

ZYZ-3 and ZYZ-6 are silica bonded and fired at a high temperature to impart good dimensional stability up to 1650 °C.  ZYZ is ideally suited for thermal insulation and protection applications under conditions of ultra-high temperatures and in a variety of severe environments. ZYZ has good hot strength up to 1400 °C and can be used as a self supporting setter for loads equal to twice its own weight up to this temperature.

ZYZ-3 has lower thermal conductivity at a density of 30 lbs/ft3.
ZYZ-6 has higher strength at a density of 60 lbs/ft3.


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