ZYTC – Zirconia Tape Cast Substrates

Zirconia Substrates

Gas Tight… Three Grades…
ZYTC Substrates are tightly controlled for sintering micro electronics.

Product Information

Zircar Zirconium Oxide Tape Casts Type ZYTC Substrates are thin, rigid, tape cast structures composed of zirconia stabilized with yttria at targeted stabilization concentrations.  ZYTC is our thinnest zirconia material and is ideally suited as a setter for sintering micro electronics, solid oxide fuel cells and thermal management applications under conditions of high temperatures and in varied atmospheres.  ZYTC has been high fired and is tightly bonded resulting in a dust free, smooth gas tight surface.

ZYTC is dimensionally stable to 1500 °C. It has exceptional resistance to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres at high temperatures. Zirconia does, however, lose a small amount of oxygen at very high temperatures in vacuum and inert or reducing atmospheres.  Although this reaction results in a color change from white to gray, other properties remain essentially unchanged.

ZYTC-3 is sensor grade.
ZYTC-5 is industrial grade.
ZYTC-8 is SOFC grade.

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