ZYC – Silica Bonded Zirconia Cylinders

Silica Bonded Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Fiber Cylinder
Silica Bonded… Great Thermal Shock Resistance…
Rigid ZrO2 advanced insulation for continuous applications to 1650 °C.

Product Information

Zircar Zirconium Oxide Cylinders Type ZYC are firm, rigid, free standing refractory structures composed of yttria stabilized zirconia fibers evenly bonded with amorphous silica, allowing intricate shapes to be machined to tight tolerances. ZYC is manufactured with our own unique Zircar ZYBF Bulk Fibers which are made using the original ZIRCAR Process at our plant in Florida, NY, USA.  ZYC cylinders possess low thermal conductivity and good resistance to thermal shock. ZYC is manufactured using a proprietary vacuum forming technique which includes pre-treatment of the Zircar ZYBF fiber prior to establishment of the silica bond.  The formed product is further processed in a controlled environment then fired resulting in a ceramic with insulating properties that excel at extremely high temperatures.

ZYC is dimensionally stable to 1650 °C (3002 °F) although it can be used at higher temperatures as back-up insulation or in areas where additional sintering can be tolerated.  Type ZYC has good hot strength up to 1370 °C (2498 °F) and can be used to support loads up to this temperature. The material is resistant to attack by most molten metals and has a high resistance to reaction with other oxide materials.

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