ZYBF – Zirconia Fiber

Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Bulk Fibers

Multi Purpose… High Temperature… Low Thermal Conductivity…
Yttria stabilized zirconia staple fibers for forming insulation shapes, making stronger ceramics and for packing in irregular spaces.

Product Information

Zircar Bulk Fibers Type ZYBF are available in three different forms, all having useful properties up to 2200 oC.  These polycrystalline fibers can be vacuum formed into rigid shapes, placed into cavities as loose fill insulation, or added to ceramic bodies and coatings for reinforcement. They are differentiated by fiber length, surface area, crystalline size and porosity.  However, they all share the same fiber diameter and calcined chemical composition.

All three ZYBF types are made using the original ZIRCAR Process at our plant in Florida, NY, USA. Zircar ZYBF is 6 to 10 microns in diameter, is nearly 100% zirconia phase stabilized with yttria and does not undergo the disruptive phase transition of pure zirconia.  ZYBF is general use insulation for severe environments and extremely high temperatures.  It is non-reactive to alkali vapors, salts or strong hot solutions and is not wet by most molten metals.  ZYBF has low absorption surface area and vapor pressure making it useful in high vacuum.

The picture above shows 5 grams of each. Due to its lower processing temperature, ZYBF-1 is grey color, where the other fibers are processed at higher temperatures resulting in a white color.

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