DZSP – Dense Zirconia Setters

Dense Zirconia Setter Plates & Trays

Dense… Dust Free… Stabilized Zirconia…
Plates and trays are available for applications to 1650 oC.

Product Information

Zircar Dense Zirconia Setter Plates Type DZSP are hard, rigid, dry pressed and high fired structures.  DZSP zirconia setter plates are excellent kiln furniture for firing PZT piezoelectric parts and other electro-ceramics, such as barium titanate (BaTiO3) capacitors. DZSP is dimensionally stable to 1650 °C. They are composed of zirconia, partially stabilized with calcia, which is chemically inert and has good thermal shock resistance. It has exceptional resistance to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres at high temperatures. DZSP resists most corrosive environments, and contains no organic binders, produces no smoke and will not outgas.

Stackable Trays:
100 x 100 mm
150 x 150 mm
170 x 170 mm
100 x 196 mm

112.5 x 60.3 mm

Flat Plates:
4”x 4”x 0.25”Tk
4”x 4.5”x 0.25”Tk
4.5”x 4.5”x 0.4”Tk
5”x 6”x 0.4”Tk

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