ZOG – Zirconia Grog

Zirconia Single Crystal Grog

Pourable… Dust Free… Extremely High Use Temperature…
Pure ZrO2 crystal grog insulates applications up to 2400 oC.

Product Information

Zircar Zirconia Single Crystal Grog Type ZOG is composed of small single zirconia monoclinic structured crystals. These “skull melted” crystallites exhibit virtually no particle breakdown during thermal cycling and provide dust-free performance. ZOG is useful at temperatures up to 2400 °C under oxidizing conditions with no sintering or particle breakdown and minimal sticking.

ZOG was developed for RF (Radio Frequency) induction furnaces operating above 2000 °C. These furnaces are typically used in fiber optic draw towers and crystal growing applications where high purity, low electrical conductivity and dust-free performance at extreme temperatures are essential.

ZOG is a highly stable insulation used in crystal growth stations to fill the annular space around the crucible. ZOG provides support to the crucible and outer wall insulation. It can also be used as bulk filler.

ZOG-1 is Tyler Mesh -8 +20 (2.38 to 0.841mm).
ZOG-2 is Tyler Mesh -10 +28 (1.68 to 0.595mm).

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