ZO – Pure Zirconia Textiles & Fiber

Unstabilized Zirconia Felt, Cloth & Bulk Fiber

Extremely High Use Temperature… Only Trace of Stabilizer Concentration…
Flexible cloths, felts, and bulk fiber insulation for applications to 2500 oC.

Product Information

Zircar Zirconium Oxide Type ZO is our purest zirconia product available.  Our unique process for manufacturing yttria-stabilized zirconia cloths and felts at our plant in Florida, NY, USA, is also used in the production of pure zirconia refractory fibers and cloths without stabilizers.  For those processes which are intolerant of yttria, these unstabilized pure zirconia fiber products provide much of the same high performance insulating benefits.  ZO materials are gray and contain organics for handleability.  After heat treating, they will appear white and will contain no organics.

Pure zirconia cloth is used as high temperature insulation for advanced energy systems.

Our high purity zirconia fiber and textiles are offered in six different standard product forms:

ZOBF bulk fiber
ZOF in two thicknesses
ZOK-15 tricot knit cloth
ZOW-15 square weave cloth
ZOW-30 satin weave cloth

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