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Yttria Felt, Cloth & Bulk Fiber

High Purity… Extremely High Use Temperatures…
High purity fibrous yttria products can withstand temperatures to 2400 oC.

Product Information

Zircar Yttrium Oxide  Y2O3 fibrous ceramic insulation is offered here in its pure and stable metal oxide yttria form, which is not attacked by most molten metals, including lithium and titanium. The fibers have an average diameter of 4 Р6 microns.

Yttria felt is used as thermal insulation for high temperature microwave sintering and in the development of large grain Rare Earth Barium Copper Oxide (REBCO) melt processed high temperature superconductors (HTS).  Our yttria fibers and textiles are made by the same unique ZIRCAR process used for manufacturing yttria-stabilized zirconia textiles at our plant in Florida, NY, USA.

Our high purity yttria fiber and textiles are offered in different standard product forms:

YOBF bulk fiber
YF felt in two thicknesses
YK-15 tricot knit cloth
YW-15 square weave cloth
YW-30 satin weave cloth


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