ZYFB-3, ZYBF-6 & FBD – Zirconia Fiber Boards

High Temperature Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Insulation
Porous and Machinable
High Temperature ….. Low Thermal Conductivity …. Zirconia Bonded 
Rigid ZrO2 advanced ceramic insulation for continuous applications to 2000 °C.

Product Information

Zircar Zirconium Oxide Fibrous Ceramic Insulation Types ZYFB-3, ZYFB-6 & FBD are rigid refractory structures composed of our own unique Zircar ZYBF Bulk Fibers which are openly porous, made using the original ZIRCAR process at our plant in Florida, NY, USA.   These materials are nearly 100% zirconia phase stabilized with yttria.  They have extremely low thermal conductivity and are rated for use to as high as 2000 °C and can be exposed to significantly higher temperatures, up to 2200 °C, depending on the application.

ZYFB-3, ZYFB-6 & FBD are manufactured using a proprietary vacuum forming technique which includes pre-treatment of the Zircar ZYBF fiber prior to establishment of the zirconia bond.  The formed product is further processed in a controlled environment then finished with slow cycle, high temperature heat soaks.  The results are a ceramic with insulating properties that excel at extremely high temperatures and in severe environments such as corrosive, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres.

We use the highest purity materials in our products.  The products contain only minimal trace oxides and no organics that off-gas when heated.  Because Zircar zirconia fibers are yttria stabilized, they do not undergo the disruptive phase transitions of pure zirconia.

ZYFB-3 is our lowest density product at 30 lb/ft3
ZYFB-6 is medium density product at 60 lb/ft3
FBD is our strongest, highest density, premium product at 90 lb/ft3

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