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Ceria Felt, Cloth & Bulk Fiber

High Purity… Extremely High Use Temperatures… Oxygen Catalyst…
Fibrous ceria felts, cloths, and bulk fiber can withstand temperatures to 2500 oC.

Product Information

Zircar Cerium Dioxide, CeO2, fibrous ceramic insulation has a very high surface area and is useful as a catalyst.  Our ceria fibers and textiles are made by the same unique ZIRCAR process used for manufacturing yttria-stabilized zirconia textiles at our plant in Florida, NY, USA.

CeBF and CeF are used in molten carbonate fuel cells. CeK is used for product development of gas sensors. Ceria knit has the unique advantage of being a tricot knit structure. This structure allows irregular shapes to be cut that do not unravel or fray.

Zircar has provided ceria in several formats for use in solar redox cycle research for syngas production.

Ceria is incompatible with silica at high temperatures.

Our high purity ceria fiber and textiles are offered in several different standard product forms:

CeBF bulk fiber
CeF felt in two thicknesses
CeK-15 tricot knit cloth
CeW-15 square weave cloth
CeW-30 satin weave cloth

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