Buster Fiber

High Temperature Alumina Ceramic Bulk Fiber

Low Thermal Conductivity… High Purity… Low Thermal Mass…
Thermally stable high alpha alumina content ceramic fiber for applications to 1800 °C.

Product Information

Zircar Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Fiber Type Buster Fiber is thermally stable, high alpha alumina polycrystalline ceramic fiber.  Rated for temperatures to 1800 oC, they do not contain any binders or fillers that will off-gas on heat treatment.

Buster Fibers are 3-4 microns in diameter composed of 97% Al2O3 & 3% SiO2. The silica stabilizes by inhibiting the phase changes that make pure alumina brittle. Buster Fibers are stable in vacuum, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres as well as resistant to attack in most aggressive chemical environments.   The fibers also have low thermal conductivity, low mass and immunity to thermal shock.

Buster Fibers are excellent reinforcement materials to add to Buster Cement and other ceramic coatings.  They are useful as loose fill insulation or as packing material in furnace cavities where heat leakage might be a problem, especially around sight tubes, ports, expansion joints, masonry cracks, or any under insulated area encroaching on the hot face.

Buster fibers are used by Zircar to manufacture our aluminum oxide vacuum formed product lines, Buster A and Buster M.   Buster Fiber will produce a light weight rigid shape with a uniform density when vacuum formed from a water slurry.

Buster F has a nominal density of 5 lb/ft 3. Buster F has the longest fiber length at 2-4 inches and will vacuum form to a density of 10 – 15 lb/ft3 in water.
Buster F-10 has a nominal density of 10 lb/ft3 and shorter fiber lengths of 1/8 – 1/4 inches. Buster F-10 will vacuum form to 20 – 25 lb/ft3.

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