Buster Blanket

Alumina and Mullite Ceramic Fiber Blanket Rolls

Full Rolls… Sheets… High Temperature…
Fibrous aluminum oxide blankets are available in mullite or high alumina up to 70 feet long.

Product Information

Buster Blankets are flexible, high alpha alumina fiber insulation materials. The 75% alumina blanket are 100% fibers while the 97% alumina blanket has been needled into a durable blanket with the addition of an organic fiber reinforcement. All forms have useful properties up to 1600 °C. These polycrystalline fiber blankets offer higher temperature capability, less shrinkage and greater chemical resistance than standard alumina-silica blankets.

The fibers in Buster Blanket are made using the sol-gel process, a chemical procedure used for the fabrication of ceramic materials.   The term sol-gel refers to a process in which solid nanoparticles disbursed in a liquid (a sol) agglomerate together to form a continuous three-dimensional network extending throughout the liquid (a gel).  This process results in an evenly disbursed cohesive material.

Buster M is available in 6 or 8 pounds per cubic foot (PCF) and 1/2” and 1” thicknesses.
Buster A is available in 6 PCF and 1/2” and 1” thicknesses.

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