Buster – Alumina Insulation

High Temperature Alumina Insulation

Low Thermal Shock… Low Shrinkage… High Purity…
Alumina fiber boards and cylinders with a choice of alumina or mullite bonds and densities from 15 PCF to 45 PCF.

Product Information

Zircar Aluminum Oxide Fibrous Ceramic Insulation Type Buster is a rigid, fibrous ceramic material produced by vacuum forming alumina fibers with either a high purity alumina binder, Buster A, or silica binders, Buster M, that form a more thermal shock resistant mullite bond. Buster M2 is a mullite bonded 1800 °C version that exhibits complete dimensional stability to 1700 °C. Both Buster A and Buster M chemistries are offered in a range of densities. Standard board densities are 15, 35 and 45 pounds per cubic foot. Standard cylinder densities are 15 and 30 pounds per cubic foot.

All Buster boards and cylinders are pre-fired for immediate use with no off-gassing. Their fine grain quality and uniform binder distribution enables precision machining. All these features make Buster an ideal insulation material for hot face insulation, setters and trays in rapid heat electric furnaces and other types of thermal process systems.

High purity silica is the binder in Buster M. Silica’s strong bond gives Buster M excellent high temperature strength and dimensional stability. Buster A has a high purity alumina bond making it well suited to use in high vacuum and reducing atmosphere applications where silica cannot be tolerated, such as in bright annealing furnaces with H2 atmospheres. They both have high electrical resistivity at elevated temperatures allowing them to be used in direct contact with many different resistance heating elements.

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