AL – Pure Alumina Textiles & Fiber

Alumina Textiles & Bulk Fiber

High Purity… Alpha Alumina… Chemically Inert…
Ideal for rapid cycle furnaces up to 1700 oC and for hydrogen environments.

Product Information

Zircar Alumina (Al2O3) Type AL has excellent thermal shock resistance, high dimensional stability and good chemical inertness, which makes our alumina fiber products ideal for fast firing cycles up to 1700°C.  Our alumina fibers and textiles are made by the same unique ZIRCAR process used for manufacturing yttria-stabilized zirconia cloths and felts at our plant in Florida, NY, USA. This process yields a high purity alpha alumina fiber with only trace amounts of silica, making it more stable in hydrogen environments than the more commonly found sol-gel alumina fibers that have 3% silica.

Alumina fiber textiles are used as insulation for glass melting furnaces and for fiber optic furnaces.  ALBF, can be used as bulk fill insulation.  Alumina fiber cloth is used as insulation in differential scanning calorimeters (DSC’s).  Alumina fiber textiles can be used as gaskets for fuel cells.

Our high purity alumina fiber and textiles are offered in six different standard product forms:

ALBF Bulk Fiber
ALF-50 and ALF-100 Felts
ALK-15 Tricot Knit Cloth
ALW-15 Square Weave Cloth
ALW-30 Satin Weave Cloth

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