Powder Loaded ZYF Felt

High Temperature Filled Zirconia Felts

Rigidized… Loaded… Filled Zirconia Felt…
Fibrous zirconium oxide felts are filled with various inorganic powders to different loading concentrations to modify felt performance.

Product Information

Zircar Felt Type ZYF is an excellent all-purpose high temperature  insulation that can be used as a separator, wrapper, fixture, gasket, cushion, pillow, pad, barrier, cover,layering or packing material in high temperature applications.  ZYF is a ceramic textile made using the original ZIRCAR Process at our plant in Florida, NY, USA.  ZYF is a flexible, light weight, porous, needled felt comprised of 4 to 6 micron diameter fibers and is nearly 100% zirconia phase stabilized with yttria.  The fibers are mechanically interlocked and retain their flexible nature up to 1350 °C.  The properties of ZYF are modified by filling the open porosity with various inorganic powders.

Any of our ZYF products can be custom treated to your specifications.

ZYF-A2.13 is filled with alumina powder and high fired to a rigid board.
ZYF-S.75G is filled with 0.75g of silica powder per 1g of ZYF, remaining pliable.
ZYF-Z1.5G is filled with 1.5g of zirconia powder per 1g of ZYF and dyed green for identification.

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