Hot Spot 110 Repair Parts


The furnace comes standard with a dual element type B platinum thermocouple. One thermocouple element is connected to the programmable temperature controller, while the other goes to the over-temp controller. The furnace is available with an optional extra thermocouple for direct connection to a remote chart recorder. The different thermocouples can be purchased as replacements, or bare wires can be purchased to insert into the protection tubing.

Dual Element B-Type Thermocouple FABTCDUAL
B-Type Single Thermocouple FABTCSINGLE
B-Type Thermocouple Bare Wires FABTC07
Dual Element B-Type L Thermocouple FABTCLDUAL
Heating Elements…

The Hot Spot 110 is heated by four 1800 Celsius grade molybdenum disilicide heating elements. The elements have good heat and electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion and can withstand corrosion and oxidation.

Hot Spot Heating Element FAB04
Element Holders…

The Hot Spot 110 Element Holders are made from the same Zircar Buster M-35 insulation as our hot face insulation as well as our sintering trays and alumina setter plate. The material can withstand continuous temperatures of 1725 oC.  Element holders position heating elements so the conductive coating can make full contact with an element strap and the full length of heating section is in the hot zone.

Element Holder FAB14

Element Straps…

Each of our element straps are made from 75 amp braided aluminum and secured with highly corrosive resistant 1100 aluminum sheet on the ends to prevent fraying. The straps are size specific to the location within the element pattern.  Element straps can also be custom made to fit your furnace.

100mm Element Strap FAB21
185mm Element Strap FAB22
200mm Element Strap – Terminal End FAB23
Spring Clip 6mm FAB24
Hot Face Insulation…

Zircar manufactures all of the insulation from our own Buster alumina fibrous insulation.  We stock replacement insulation for both our standard 1700 oC and our 1600 oC models.  Our Buster insulation has excellent shock resistance and low thermal conductivity.

Buster M-35 Roof Hot Face FAEA05
Buster M-35 Floor Hot Face FAEA06
Rear Hot Face Buster M-35 FAEA07
Hot Face Sides Buster M-35 FAEA08
Inner Side Door Sill Buster M-35 FAEA20
Outer Side Door Sill Buster M-35 FAEA21
Floor & Roof Sill Buster M-35 FAEA22
M-35 Door Assembly for FAA00 FAEADA-M-35
Buster M-35 Roof Hot Face FAA00L FAEA45
Buster M-35 Floor Hot Face FAEA46
Rear Hot Face Buster M-35 FAEA47
Hot Face Sides Buster M-35 FAEA48
M-35 Door Assembly for FAA00L FAEADAL-M-35

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