Hot Spot 110

Plug and Play 1700 °C Lab Furnace

Space Saving… Low Energy Consumption… Rapid Cycle…
The Hot Spot 110 is offered in two models and can rapidly achieve temperatures to 1700 oC.

Product Information

Zircar Lab Furnace Type Hot Spot 110 can simply be plugged into a standard 110 Volt, 20 Amp outlet without the need for either a 220 V supply or an electrician. This breakthrough frontloading box furnace is made possible by a unique combination of layered Buster alumina insulation, which exploits the hot strength and low thermal conductivity of alumina.  It is a four layer, graded design that ensures the proper heat flow through each layer for maximum life.

The Zircar Hot Spot 110 is designed, manufactured and assembled at our plant in Florida, NY, USA.

With a 2.3 ft2 footprint, this compact unit easily fits just about anywhere in the laboratory and does not require any special setting surface. The standard cooling fan feature keeps the furnace shell cool enough to protect the user from any potential burn, and the attached electronics cabinet cool even at 1700 °C.

Hot Spot 110 our highest temperature lab furnace has a working volume of 49 cubic inches and can be operated continuously at 1700 oC.

Hot Spot 110L features a larger 81 cubic inch chamber and can be operated continuously at
1600 oC.

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