Hard Cast Heaters

Ceramic Heater Plates

The six Hard Cast Heaters used to power this 30” wide x 18” tall x 36” deep front loaded box furnace, are of the embedded wire type.  The 480 V three phase HCH set delivers 60 KW of power, an average of 2500 watts per square foot.  This 11.25 cubic foot production furnace is fired to 1100 °C two to three times a week.  The roof and wall heaters are set up to radiate directly into the furnace chamber.  The two heaters on the floor are oriented to radiate into a space below the heater.  The roof is suspended by refractory hangers which are supported on the outside roof structure.

Product Information

Zircar Hard Cast Heaters type HCH consist of a refractory panel precast with grooves then fired to make a high strength self-supporting structure.  Helically coiled resistance wires are stretched to the proper length and strung through grooves.  The embedded type heaters have the wires potted into place with refractory grout which requires an initial burn in cycle to cure the grout.  Exposed wire heaters are not grouted.  Double twisted leads are standard but any style lead can be provided.

Sections can be cast individually then strung together to assemble any full length.

HCH-1 Exposed Wire
HCH-2 Embedded Wire

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