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Sintering Trays and ZDB For Hot Spot 110 Lab Furnace

Sintering Trays… Low Mass & High Density Options… Support Media…
Essentials for the dental lab.

Product Information

Zircar manufactures and supplies sintering trays which provide a convenient and protective method of sintering wares up to temperatures of 1700 °C. The dense alumina tray is 99.8% pure alumina, and provides nearly complete protection from undesired gas vapor condensation on your product. The low mass alumina trays, are made from our Buster M-35 material and offer a greater range of sizes with greater thermal shock resistance than the dense round tray.

Zircar Zirconia Dense Balls Type ZDB are fully sintered yttria-stabilized zirconia solid balls. These spherical balls are ideal for use as a fully compliant setting material for sintering milled copings. Our standard product, ZDB-1 is 2.0 mm +/- 0.3mm diameter.

ZDB are reusable sintering support media for large complex geometries, which need multi-point support and unrestricted shrinkage.  Multiple contact points with the ware ensure full support while allowing expansion and/or shrinkage of the ware.

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