CeFB – Cerium Oxide Fiber Boards

Cerium Oxide Fiber Boards

High Purity… Ceria Bonded… Ceria Fiber Material…

Product Information

Zircar Cerium Oxide Fiber Boards have potential for use in a number of advanced energy applications such as redox flow batteries, resistive-type oxygen sensors and fuel cells.  They are also a promising advanced material because of their utility as a catalyst in solar syngas reactors.

These rigid vacuum formed fiber boards are made using the same unique ZIRCAR process employed in the manufacturing of yttria stabilized zirconia fiber materials at our plant in Florida NY USA.

All of our Cerium Oxide materials contain no added organic binders and do not produce any smoke or odor when heated.

Cerium Oxide fiber boards can be produced in bulk densities ranging from ~45 to ~120 pounds per cubic foot.

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