Buster Alumina Cement

High Temperature Alumina Cement

Low Shrinkage… High Strength… Cement Adhesive…
High temperature bonding for porous Buster A and Buster M aluminum oxide insulation.  Bond Buster boards into larger assemblies or form material patches with Buster Fiber.

Product Information

Zircar Buster Alumina Cement is an off white single part alumina adhesive with a useful temperature limit of 1650 °C. Buster Alumina Cement is formulated specifically for bonding Zircar Buster A and Buster M Boards and Cylinders to themselves or to back-up thermal insulations such as porous firebrick and alumino-silicate fiber boards. Buster Alumina Cement is composed of milled alumina fibers and sub -micron particles.  Buster Alumina Cement is non-flammable, mildly acidic (pH 5) and forms a strong bond upon drying.

For most furnace applications, the articles bonded together are ready for placing in service once the cement has dried. Curing at 426 °C (800 °F) or higher may be desirable to form a ceramic bond that is impervious to water and high humidity. The cured bond joint is stronger than the tensile strength of our 35 pound per cubic foot density alumina insulation, Buster M-35.  Pull out or de-lamination due to excessive mechanical or thermal stresses will usually first occur in the insulation material itself.

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