Buster Alumina Rigidizer

High Purity Alumina Colloid

High Purity…  Surface Hardening… Water Based…
Colloidal Alumina is applied to harden surfaces of fibrous ceramics and stiffen high temperature textiles.

Product Information

Zircar Buster Alumina Rigidizer is formulated for the surface hardening of all alumina fiber products and for use in the fabrication of alumina composites from Zircar textiles and other advanced materials.  Buster Rigidizer is a colloid of high purity aluminum oxide in a water base.  The liquid formulation when applied to various materials increases density, hardens surfaces, helps resist material erosion, and can bind materials together.

The water based rigidizer, when mixed, has the consistency of a low viscosity house paint.  The low pH should not be increased or the rigidizer will gel and be difficult to apply and penetrate.

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