Product Applications

Zircar Zirconia, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of oxide ceramic fibrous insulation with applications up to 2500 °C. With 40+ years in the industry we have served nearly every industry type for nearly every high temperature application.  Our insulation products stand up to the hottest, most corrosive environments providing solutions to your biggest challenges.


Ambient Temperatures

ZYP is yttria stabilized zirconium oxide powder. The nano-sized particles are used in industrial ceramic filtration membranes.  The unique shape and size distribution of the ZYP particles provide an excellent filtration media.

100 °C

Zirconia Cloth ZYK and ZYW are used as separators in satellite batteries. The cloths are unaffected by chemical degradation and withstand 100 °C KOH indefinitely. The woven and knit structures promote electrolyte wicking and retention.  ZYK and ZYW should be evaluated for every electrochemical battery design.  To date Zircar’s ZYK has logged millions of separator- hours of space time – without any failures!

1100 °C

Buster CXV is a non-fibrous calcium silicate material.  It is an ideal choice for custom machined parts with a temperature rating up to 1100 °C.

Hard Cast Heaters were developed for our own rugged production use.  Refractory panels are cast, fired, and strung with heating coils.

1260 °C

Buster RS is a fiber reinforced composite material with excellent thermal, structural, and electrically insulating properties.  Ideal for building heavy duty heating equipment including induction melters.

1600 °C

Buster A and Buster M Blankets are Zircar’s only product available in rolls for big insulation jobs where rigidity is not a requirement. Buster Blankets are useful as insulation packing.  In some Zircar hot zones Buster Blankets are used as part of modular furnace door designs.

Hot Spot 110L is our 110V plug and play lab furnace. It can reach 1600 °C in 30- 40 minutes and is the perfect furnace for your lab to calcine samples, measure shrinkage, or sinter small objects such as zirconia dental crowns.

1650 °C

ZYZ and ZYC are vacuum formed yttria stabilized zirconia fibrous materials that are bonded with silica. They have thermal shock resistance superior to our ZYFB materials, and are used to insulate molten metal transporting systems.  Our ZYZ and ZYC boards and cylinders can also be surface treated with ZR-RIG for a nearly dust free product.

Buster A is a vacuum formed alumina fiber material with very low silica content.  It’s most useful in high vacuum and reducing atmosphere applications where little silica can be tolerated, such as annealing furnaces with H2 atmospheres.  Buster A2-30 is used in some of Zircar’s hot zones where applications are incompatible with silica.

1700 °C

Hot Spot 110 is a 110V plug and play lab furnace, ready to go out of the crate, that has a smaller work zone than the 110L, but reaches 1700 °C for lab applications.  Its programmable controller with optional data output is useful in every materials research laboratory.

1800 °C

Buster M is a vacuum formed silica bonded alumina fiber material which forms a mullite bond.  It has the ability to be precisely machined and is the choice for silica crystal manufacturers. Buster M has high electrical resistivity and can be in direct contact with resistance heating elements, such as it is in the Zircar Hot Spot Lab Furnace, as hot face insulation and heating element holders.

ZYFB-3 is a vacuum formed yttria stabilized zirconia fibrous material that has the lowest thermal conductivity (K) on the market, for applications above 1000 °C.  It is used as a zone separator in directional solidification furnaces used to manufacture jet turbine blades and in fused quartz processing.  Our ZYFB-3 boards can also be surface treated with ZR-RIG for a nearly dust free product.

ZYFB-6 is a vacuum formed yttria stabilized zirconia fibrous material with 60 pound per cubic foot (pcf) density.  It is used as infrared source insulators in Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometers. Our ZYFB-6 boards and cylinders can also be surface treated with ZR-RIG for a nearly dust free product.

2000 °C

FBD is a vacuum formed yttria stabilized zirconia fibrous material with 90 pcf density. It has been used as gasketing and insulation in high temperature wind tunnels, crystal growth stations, solar thermochemical reactors, oxygen/ carbon sensor protection sleeves, and has been used in nuclear meltdown experiments.

ZYF is yttria stabilized zirconia needled felt useful up to 2000 °C as a separator, wrapper, fixture, gasket, cushion, pillow, pad, barrier, cover, layering or packing material. It is used in the Czochralski method of crystal growing as iridium and platinum crucible insulation and precious metal condensate reclamation material.

ZYK, ZYW-15 and ZYW-30a are yttria stabilized zirconia cloth. They can withstand 2200 °C and are used as high energy separators, thermal insulation in crystal growing furnaces and for the filtration of hot gasses.

Y is yttria fibrous material that is available as bulk fiber, needled felts, knit, or woven cloths and is used as thermal insulation for high temperature microwave sintering and in the development of large grain rare earth barium copper oxide (REBCO) melt processed high temperature superconductors (HTS).

2500 °C

ZO is pure zirconia material available as bulk fiber, needled felts, knit, or woven cloths and is used as insulation in very high temperature applications where yttria is not desired.

CE cerium oxide material is available as bulk fiber, needled felts, woven cloths, boards and pellets.  It has use in electrochemical gasketing.  It has potential for use in a number of developmental applications such as redox flow batteries, solar syngas reactors, resistive- type oxygen sensors and fuel cells. Cerium oxides have utility as a catalyst for selectively generating syngas or methane from H2O and CO2.

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