Cements and Rigidizers

Useful for bonding, repairing, coating or strengthening ceramic fiber boards and textiles.

  • ZR-CEM Zirconia Cement – High temperature bonding for porous zirconia insulation. Bond ZYFB boards and cylinders into larger assemblies, or ZYF and ZY textiles into any shape required.
  • ZR-RIG Zirconia Rigidizer – Formulated for the surface hardening of all zirconia fiber products and for use in the fabrication of zirconia composites from Zircar Zirconia’s textiles.
  • Buster Cement – High temperature bonding for porous Buster A and Buster M aluminum oxide insulation. Bond Buster boards into larger assemblies or form material patches with Buster Fiber.
  • Buster Alumina Rigidizer – Colloidal alumina is applied to harden surfaces of fibrous ceramics to stiffen high temperature ceramics.
  • Ceria Rigidizer – A suspension of fine ceria particles in a cerium acetate solution.

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