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March 2017

THS Industrial Textiles

Zircar Zirconia, Inc. and THS Industrial Textiles Ltd, of Elland, United Kingdom have entered into an Exclusive Distributor Agreement. THS manufactures and sells textiles capable of withstanding 120 °C to 1100 °C. The addition of Zircar’s yttria stabilized zirconia felt, ZYF, and textile products, ZYK and ZYW, extends their offerings to 2200 °C!

For ZYF-50, ZYF-100, ZYF-150, ZYK-15, ZYW-15 and ZYW-30A sales in the United Kingdom contact THS Industrial Textiles.


THS Industrial Textiles

Heathfield Business Park,

Heathfield Street,


West Yorkshire HX59AU


Phone +44 (0)1422 311607

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January 2017

Bigger FBD

Zircar Zirconia Inc.’s strongest, highest density, highest temperature rated product type Zircar FBD is now also available in a new larger size, 9” x 18”, and up to 3” thick!

Zircar FBD can be used at 2000°C as hot face insulation or in even hotter applications as back up insulation. It has even been used in nuclear meltdown experiments and is the right choice for your extreme processing conditions: corrosive, oxidizing, reducing.

This extreme high temperature fiber board is made in the USA from our own unique Zircar ZYBF Bulk Fibers using the original ZIRCAR process. Zircar FBD is 100% yttria stabilized zirconia providing very low thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance.

Click for additional information on FBD.

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