Zirconia Hollow Balls




Zirconia Hollow Balls Type ZHB are sintered calcia-stabilized zirconia hollow balls, which flow easily into a confined space. Our standard product is our Type ZHB-1 which ranges in particle size from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm diameter, which fill space effectively. They are useful for high temperature insulation in spaces where the insulation must be poured into place. The different size balls tend to segregate when poured as the larger balls tend to ‘float’ on top of the smaller balls. To minimize this effect, pour all the balls in at one time.

Color Yellow
True Density, g/cc 5.6
Crystal Structure 80% Cubic, 20% Monoclinic
Bulk Density, g/cc 1.5
Angle of Repose 30°
Composition, Wt%
ZrO2 * 93 Minimum
CaO 3-4
SiO2 0.60 Maximum
Fe2O3 0.10 Maximum
TiO2 0.30 Maximum
Al2O3 0.80 Maximum

*1 – 2 wt% hafnia occurs naturally with zirconia and does not affect performance.


Zirconia Hollow Balls Type ZHB are useful as heat exchange media in fluidized bed reactors
and as insulation in constrained spaces in very high temperature applications. The melting
point of ZHB exceeds 4000°F. ZHB can be sieved into a more narrow size distribution on request. Please contact us for details


ZHB-1 is available in 1, 5, and 25KG packages.

Package Size Item Number
1 Kg BC002
5 Kg BC003
25 Kg BC004

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