Zirconia Blocks




  • FDA 510K Approved
  • 1250MPa Strength when fully Sintered
  • Predictable Isotropic Shrinkage
  • Designed for in-Lab® and MCXL®
  • Highest Quality Raw Materials
  • Pre-fired and Organic Free
  • 0.25wt% Alumina doped
  • Phase Stabilized with 3mol%Yttria
  • Sintered body meets ASTM F1873-98
  • Indentalloy Sticker with each block

Zircar Zirconia Blanks Type BYZ are high purity, bisque fired zirconia machining blanks.
The powders pressed to form these blanks are of a uniform size and well dispersed, ensuring no agglomerates. The resultant fine grained, bisque body allows intricate shapes to be
machined with tight tolerances.

BYZ blanks are phase stabilized with 3 mol% yttria and therefore do not undergo the usual
phase transitions associated with pure zirconia. This phase stabilization “toughens” the
zirconia and stops crack propagation, yielding high fracture toughness and high strength.

The highest purity powders are used to make Type BYZ, thereby minimizing trace oxides. Type BYZ is 99.9 wt% ZrO2 + Y2O3 + HfO2 + Al2O3. The natural zirconia minerals contain hafnia, HfO2, which is so similar in structure and chemical properties to zirconia, that it has no effect on product properties.  The small addition of alumina minimizes hydro-thermal aging.

Trace Oxide Typical Wt%
HfO2 < 3
Al2O3 0.25
Na2O 0.04
SiO2 0.02
Fe2O3 0.01


Bisque Density, g/cc (+/-0.10) 3.15
Sintered Density g/cc (+/- 0.01) 6.06
Sintering Temperature, °C (°F) 1530 (2786)
Fully Sintered Flexural Strength, MPa (psi) 1250 (180,000)
Fully Sintered Fracture Toughness, MPa (psi) 5 (725)
Bisque Vickers Hardness (HV3), kg/sq. mm 75
Isotropic Shrinkage , %, 1 hr /1530°C +/- 0.25%


Zircar Zirconia Blanks Type BYZ are available in standard sized blocks which are listed
below with their ordering item number. Please contact our Sales Department for pricing
and availability.

  • To order one of our standard sized blanks specify the Quantity, Item Number and Size. For example: 10 each, Item # FAHA008-S, BYZ, 40mm x 15mm x 15mm

Custom sizes are available on request. Our forming process and machining capabilities
allow custom shapes and sizes to be made. Please contact us with your special requirements and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quotation.

Standard Sizes Item Number
Zirconia Blank, Type BYZ, 20mm x 15mm x 15mm FAHA001-S
Zirconia Blank, Type BYZ, 40mm x 15mm x 15mm FAHA008-S
Zirconia Blank, Type BYZ, 39mm x 19mm x 15mm FAHA009-S
Zirconia Blank, Type BYZ, 55mm x 19mm x 15mm FAHA004-S
Zirconia Blank, Type BYZ, 65mm x 25mm x 22mm FAHA005-S

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