Alumina Hollow Balls, Type AHB



Alumina Hollow Balls Type AHB are sintered alumina hollow balls, which cleanly flow into confined spaces. Our standard product is our Type AHB-1 which ranges in particle size from 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm diameter. The melting point of AHB exceeds 2000°C. AHB can be produced in other size distributions on request. Please contact us for details

Properties & Characteristics

Color White
True Density, g/cc 3.8
Bulk Density, g/cc 0.80 (50 pcf)
Use Temperature, °C 1800
Melting Point, °C 2000
Thermal Conductivity, W/mK 4.2
Composition, Wt%
Al2O3 99 Minimum
SiO2 0.60
Fe2O3 0.02
Na2O 0.15


Alumina Hollow Balls Type AHB are useful for high temperature insulation in spaces where the insulation must be poured into place. Mixes using bubble alumina are used to cast monolithic shapes such as burner blocks, low mass refractory covers and back up linings.


Package Size Item Number
1 Pound BC010
25 Pounds BC011

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