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Sintering Trays


  • Alumina or Zirconia
  • Standard or Custom Design
  • High Purity
  • Cover Lid Included
  • Contamination Free Firing Results
  • Good Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Low Thermal Mass

Sintering trays provide a convenient and protective method of sintering ware up to temperatures of 1700°C. The dense round alumina tray is 99.8% pure alumina, and provides
nearly complete protection from undesired gas vapor condensation on your product.
The fibrous alumina trays, are made from our BusterM-35 material and offer a greater
range of sizes, with greater thermal shock resistance than the dense round tray. The fibrous zirconia trays, are made from our FBD material and offer the highest temperature
use limit, and are the most chemically inert.


Sintering Trays are sold as a standard sized items listed below. Please contact our Sales
Department for pricing and availability or to request a custom size.

Dense Alumina 3.15″ Diameter x 1.1″ Tall with Lid Item FAHD007
Dense Alumina 4″ x 4″ x 1.1″ Tall with Lid Item FAHD005
Fibrous Alumina 3.25 x 3.25 x 1.625″ Tall with Lid Item FAHD002
Fibrous Alumina 3.4 x 4.5 x 1.625″ Tall with Lid Item FAHD004
Fibrous Zirconia Tray 5.1″ x 10″ x 3.625″ Tall with Cover Item AD766

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