Alumina and Zirconia Cylinders

Fibrous Insulation Cylinders in Custom and Standard Sizes.

  • ZYFB & FBD Zirconia Cylinders – Choose between 30, 60 & 90 pcf versions of our zirconia bonded yttria stabilized zirconia fiber cylinders that are easily machined with a 2200°C use limit in air.
  • ZYC Zirconia Cylinders – Cylindrical version of ZYZ-3, our 30 pcf, silica bonded, yttria stabilized zirconia fiber insulation that is easily machined with a 1650°C use limit in air.
  • Buster Alumina Cylinders – Choose from several densities and two different binders, alumina or silica, that are all easily machined with use limits in air of 1600°C, 1700°C or 1800°C depending on cylinder type selected.

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